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Upcycled by Jet

Unique lamps and light objects made from recycled bicycle parts, upcycled by Jet de Bruijn.
The beautiful shapes and sturdy materials of bikes inspired Jet into creating robust lights and lighting objects.

Bikey winner of Bicyle Movie Night 2016

The heart warming short film Bikey is winner of the Bicycle Movie Night 2016.
In this feel good movie Bikey reveals its moving character while taking you off on adventure, discovering the world.
During the Giro d’Italia bicycle tour ‘Bikey’ was shown in the special Cinema al Giro cinema programme.
Bikey is still on adventure, his movie is screened at film festivals around the world.

Bikey 1 - Upcycled by jet
Bikey 2 - Upcycled by jet

Bikey is a both cool and cheerful little lamp, handmade out of bicycleparts by Jet.
It is Led light operated, works on batteries so it functions anywhere. € 79,00

Spikey 1 - Upcycled by jet
Spikey 2 - Upcycled by jet

Light made out of a gear cassette. To be used either hanging down or placed on a surface.
Spikey is named after the Spijkerkwartier (Arnhem, the Netherlands) where Jet lives.
Black fabric cord. € 69,00

Radarlove 1 - Upcycled by jet
Radarlove 2 - Upcycled by jet

Wall light object made out of bicycle gears, casting a great shadow play.
Standard size is composed of 9 gears and 1 light source. € 169,00
Customization possible – Radarlove can be produced in any size you wish for.
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